H3 Mattress

Gelee H3, elevates your comfort, pairing our Gel Matrix™ with an upgraded coil system.
The Gelee® H3, elevates your comfort by pairing a revolutionary Gel Matrix® with a five-zone, 8" deep coil system and a plush, memory foam topper. Like all Gelee mattresses, the flexible gel increases airflow which means you sleep cooler. And, it both cushions pressure points and supports ideal spinal alignment. The deeper, five zone coil system isolates motion while the structured edge provides stability. Adaptable to every body type and sleep position, the H3 delivers superior quality at a reasonable price.


  • • 1.25" Gel Matrix®
  • • 1" plush memory foam
  • • 5-zone, 8" coil system
  • • Sleep cool, calm and comfortably
  • • 10-year warranty
  • • 12" profile

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