About us

The Gelee Story

Every day, we wake up fresh, energized, and excited to introduce Gelee to the world. It’s easy after a great night’s sleep and because we really believe in our product. It’s all centered around our Gel Matrix®. With it, everyone at Gelee is sleeping with their spines aligned and their pressure points alleviated. Then, because we have such restful nights, our days are simply fantastic. We get more done and just feel better. We truly understand the power of sleeping well.

That’s why, we don’t want to rest until we help others who are struggling to get their best night’s sleep. Those waking up on a dense, foam mattress that holds their body heat. Those tossing and turning with back aches, shoulder aches, and tension in their bodies. Those disturbed by each of their partner’s movements. Back sleepers on beds that are too soft and side sleepers on beds that are too firm. We show up to help each of you sleep better.

The Gelee dream lives in Salt Lake City where we spend our days hiking, biking and adventuring in the great outdoors. And, where we spend our nights calm, cool and comfortable on Gelee mattresses. We hope you’ll spend your nights with us, wherever you are.